Are Juice Cleanses Safe?

by Juice Detox on March 2, 2012

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There seems to be alot of discussion on the question of are juice cleanses safe. My opinion is that like anything else, people are looking to something as the magic bullet. If a person is very toxic and unhealthy, they definitely need to consult a physician before just deciding to do a juice fast.

 Juice fasts can be performed for several days, although most people shoot for a three-day fast, usually over a long weekend or vacation from work. The juice fast is healthy, but it can tire you out. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable mixes throughout the day while avoiding other foods. Dr. Mehmet Oz’s green drink is one beverage to consider drinking throughout a juice fast. Mix the following ingredients in a blender and drink throughout the day: two cups of spinach, two cups of cut-up cucumbers, one package of celery, 1/2-tsp. ginger root, one medium bunch of parsley, juice of one lime, two tablespoons lemon juice and two apples. Dr. Oz says it’s fine to add more apples in the beginning to make the drink sweeter, as long as it’s still green. Intersperse your green drink with other fresh juices, including both fruits, such as grapefruits and lemons, and vegetables, such as carrots and kale.

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Are juice cleanses safe? It depends on your health. Any cleanse will start the detox process and the more toxic your body is the stronger your reactions are. Start out slow, just try 1 day and before embarking on an extendend juice cleanse, make sure to talk with you physician.

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